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Hamsaladeevi Sagara Sangamam (Machilipatnam)

Hamsaladeevi is so wonderful, that we had to go again. We played in the water till crabs started crawling over our feet, then should have seen the speed and alacrity with which I leapt out of the water.

There were batches of school boys who had bunked school in Koduru and in Nagayalanka to come here.

We hired a boat for Rs 250/- to go to SagaraSangamam, one of the places where the Krishna river merges into the sea. This is SOOOOOOOO beautiful. You really have to see it for yourself. (BTW 250 is an unfair rate, but the movie educated villagers thing that city people have money to toss away, so they will charge you many times what they charge the locals. They don’t know that we are the good guys who are on their side and that we are travelling on our life savings. If they did, I don’t think they care about us as much as we care about them. )

We saw beautiful birds and of course our way was strewn with grains that the farmers wanted to dehusk under our tyres. We kept getting off the narrow roads as much as we could, because, like spoil sports, we did not want grain stalks in our chassis. they also dried fish on the roads and told us to keep of the fish already!

When we set off there was a thick fog with a visibility of about 20 feet or less. We missed the first turning to challapalli and went through a beautiful village Gumma some thing puram. The villagers were very happy to tell us that we had missed our way and took pains to give us detailed directions and to repeat them. Some of them wanted us to write the directions down.

 We had superb grape juice at Koduru. A bus behind us needed to get by and he needed us to move our car of the narrow road, BUT and LISTEN CAREFULLY to this – HE DID NOT HORN AT ALL. He waited till we noticed him and leapt up  to move the car. And in Bangalore they honk at you at red lights! They clearly have better road manners, in one way. In another way, no one moves of the road, not even pedestrians or cattle – even if you do horn, and only God can help you if you are in a hurry.

This brings me to my new theory. We have 3 crore Devatas in our country, because we need at least that many.With a 100 crore population, no safety standards and people driving at will, who do you think is running around and keeping us alive? If anything our Devatas are overworked. They need to protects us from our traffic sense, our civic sense, our political sense, our economic sense, our engineering sense and only they know what else.  We happily leave everything to them.

The sun and sea water turned me dark in a day and now my skin is sorely getting back to normal. so if you are sensitive, take your pre-cautions before you travel. I saw so many different kinds of bridges across the canal that runs parallel to the road from Koduru to Palakayathippa beach near the Hamsaladeevi temple. Palakayathippa is the place which got wiped out by the Tidal Wave in the 70s. Today there are some govt shelters on stilts in case there is another emergency. Well here are some pictures we took! It would be fun to go again sometime!

For my research: I learned that on the sea coast only fishery based civilizations can develop, not the agricultural kind. This is because the sea water turns the river water salty for quite some distance inland. So you can have coconouts and palms, but not grains, that much. The people become dark very fast are good at boating and they are hardy, you see none of the flabby types there. And they are pretty fast at knocking crabs out. I don’t know if writing developed in any coastal civilizations.


6 Responses to “Hamsaladeevi Sagara Sangamam (Machilipatnam)”

  1. hai friends

  2. Excellent you have done a good job

  3. i visited this place on 13.1.2011 and found to be excellent. However to reach Sagarasangamam place no transport will be available and be prepared to walk atleast 2 kms but it is worth walking.

  4. super bbbbbb

  5. IT’s a nice place to enjoy.

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